Tax Investigations

With decades of experience in HMRC investigations, Cannon Chambers are well versed in managing the process, challenging enquiries, mitigating outcomes and downgrading criminal investigations to civil enquiries.

At Cannon Chambers, we have decades of experience in successfully representing clients who are facing criminal or civil investigations by HMRC.

Contact Cannon Chambers here if you are seeking advice, assistance, or legal representation in response to an HMRC tax investigation.

Defending Against HMRC Investigations

Civil and criminal tax investigations can result in loss of reputation, business, homes or livelihood unless handled correctly. Cannon Chambers will handle your case with discretion, care and in-depth knowledge of the nuances of tax law.

We can help you with challenging tax information enquiries, Code of Practice 8 and 9 investigations, HMRC notices and undertaking tax judicial reviews.

If HMRC is attacking you unfairly or unreasonably for tax evasion, tax fraud or inaccuracies in your tax affairs, we will provide a tenacious and effective defence.

In cases where HMRC’s focus on your tax affairs is justified, Cannon Chambers aim to reach a settlement of your civil tax investigation as discreetly, inexpensively and as quickly as possible.

At Cannon Chambers, we can be instructed directly, without the need to approach a solicitor first, or we can be instructed through a solicitor or accountant. In serious HMRC tax investigations, we will correspond directly with HMRC and others on your behalf.

Fixed fees are agreed in advance for each piece of work, rather than open-ended hourly rates.

If you are subject to a HMRC tax investigation and would like to discuss how Cannon Chambers may be able to advise and assist you please contact Chambers here for an initial discussion.

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