Offering highly skilled mediation services to bring commercial disputes involving tax to a voluntary resolution, without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.

At Cannon Chambers, we have longstanding experience in bringing conflicting parties to a voluntary resolution.

If a barrister is instructed to take the role of mediator in facilitative mediation, they remain impartial and unbiased throughout the mediation process and work for both parties equally.

Do I need mediation?

Mediation can be beneficial in various types of cases, including:

  • Disputed tax liabilities arising out of the tax warranties and indemnities given by the parties to each other on the sale of a company.
  • Disputes as to liability for negligent tax advice where a client is claiming against his tax adviser for bad tax advice.
  • When a taxpayer is seeking to avoid litigation with HMRC and chooses mediation to achieve an agreed outcome.

Our expert mediation can be utilised by any number of parties who want to voluntarily resolve a dispute relating to tax – without the risk of the judgment of a third party ruling against them.

When can mediation start?

Mediation services can start before legal proceedings have begun, or partway through a court case.

A mediation will normally be completed within one session, which may last from several hours to a whole day.

How Cannon Chambers can help

At Cannon Chambers, we have decades of professional experience in tax disputes and appeals of all types, from civil and criminal tax enquiries and tax investigations by HMRC, to claims against tax advisors for negligence.

Virtual mediation

Due to the convenience and considerable cost savings, mediations are increasingly being held by video conferencing such as Zoom.

They can also take place in person either in Lincoln’s Inn in Central London or we can travel to other locations in the UK and abroad to mediate where this is convenient or appropriate.

If you would like to explore the possibility of settling a tax dispute through mediation, please get in touch with Cannon Chambers for a no-obligation chat.

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